Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Elderberry Wine

5lbs elderberries - washed and stripped from stalks (use a fork to 'comb' them free)
1 gallon boiling water
3lbs granulated sugar
1 wine yeast packet
i cup chopped raisins
Half cup lemon juice
Half cuip orange juice
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient

Place elderberries, raisins,lemon and orange juices and yeast nutrient in a large fermentation bucket.  Pour in the boiling water and stir then leave to cool.  Squeeze ingredients to release juices and leave for 24 hours.  Add 2lbs of sugar and the yeast.  Stir and cover then leave for 5 days. Strain into glass demi-john and add remaining sugar. stir and leave for 7 days.  Strain into another glass demi-john and leave for six weeks.  Pour into glass bottles and seal.  Leave for 6 months then have a party!

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